Business Loans

Poca Valley Bank has the expertise, experience, and financial resources to help grow your business plus a committed Banking Team who understands your business’ needs. Whether you’re expanding your facilities, purchasing new equipment or need working capital, our experienced bankers can provide financial solutions to meet your goals and objectives.

Business Loan Group

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* Business Loan Options

Lines of Credit

A working capital line of credit is a fast, convenient, and affordable way to access the short-term funds your business needs. Lines of credit are used primarily to:

  • Purchase inventory
  • Fund short-term operating expenses pending collection of accounts receivable
  • Take advantage of other unexpected opportunities that arise
  • You can access your line of credit, through a call to your business banking officer. You pay interest only on the funds you borrow. Principal reductions can be made at via online access or by visiting any Poca Valley Bank branch.

Business Construction Loans

Poca Valley Bank offers options where real estate construction or improvements are the next steps for business expansion.

  • Reasons for Business Construction Loans may include the following:
    • Expansion of existing space
    • New business that wants to grow from the ground up
    • Replacing unpredictable leasing scenarios
  • Business Construction loans have a unique structure:
    • The full amount of the loan is not advanced up front.
    • Draw schedules are put in place, typically 12 months.
    • Interest only until the loan has been fully advanced
    • Loan may convert to principle and interest payments, as a business real estate loan, after the construction period is finalized.

Equipment Financing

Term loans can provide you with the long term financing your business needs for:

  • Equipment acquisitions
  • Vehicle purchases
  • Other capital expenditures

Terms available up to five years, with both variable and fixed-rate pricing options, and loans are generally secured by the assets being purchased and/or other fixed assets.

Business Real Estate Loans

Poca Valley Bank provides lending options for commercial real estate financing. Business real estate loans are most commonly used to:

  • Purchase and/or renovate an owner-occupied commercial property. An “owner-occupied” commercial property is generally considered to be a property where the business occupies at least 51% of the building.
  • Business mortgages are used to finance such commercial properties as mixed-use buildings, retail centers, and office buildings.

    * All business loans are subject to credit approval.