PVB Anywhere Services

PVB Mobile

Check your balance, make transfers, view recent transactions, pay bills and more from the convenience of your mobile device.  Download the PVB Mobile App on the App Store or Google Play today!

PVB Anywhere Internet Banking

Almost anywhere you are, your Poca Valley Bank is there too!  We're only a click away with PVB Anywhere Internet Banking.  You can view transactions on your account, view check images, and transfer money from one linked account to another.      Enroll

PVB Online Bill Pay

After signing up for PVB Anywhere Internet Banking, check out online Bill Pay, the easy way to pay all of your bills without ever writing a check, buying a stamp, or rushing to the mailbox.  After enrolling and logging into PVB Anywhere Internet Banking, there will be a button to enroll in Bill Pay near the top of the screen.  Want try try Bill Pay before you sign up for it?  Try the no obligation demo here. 

PVB eStatements

As an added bonus, you can also retrieve your statements via PVB Anywhere Internet Banking.  eStatements are a digital version of the paper statement you currently receive in the mail but are viewed securely through PVB Anywhere Internet Banking.

PVB Telebank

If you do not have internet access, try PVB Telebank Telephone Banking to transfer funds and check account balances.  Call 304-577-6730 or 1-877-707-2265 (toll-free).

Passwords and Online Security

For security purposes, your PVB Anywhere Internet Banking password will expire every six months.  If it has expired, you may change your password when prompted by the system during your log in or if it hasn’t expired yet, you can log in then select the "Options" button and update your password there.  Also, when you change your password that is a good time to update your email address for notification purposes. After logging in,choose "Options", then choose "Change Email address" .

The National Cyber Security Alliance encourages computer users to keep security software current; automate software updates; protect all devices that connect to the internet; and plug & scan USBs and other external devices with your security software.

Lost or Stolen VISA® CHECK (Debit) or ATM Cards:

To report lost or stolen cards after PVB is Closed, Please call 1-800-554-8969. Remain on the line for the next available agent.

Lost or Stolen VISA® CREDIT Cards:

To report lost or stolen cards after PVB is Closed, Please call 1-877-602-8965. Remain on the line for the next available agent.

Using VISA® CREDIT or CHECK (Debit) Cards when traveling:

Please notify one of our branches when preparing to travel so that we may take appropriate precautions with your Debit Card or Credit Card to allow you continued use while traveling.





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